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Community Service

Students can make a difference in their community and within themselves through our community service program.  Each student is required to complete 25 hours of service to the needy each year in attendance at SJA; the average student nearly triples that requirement. Students have many other opportunities for personal and spiritual growth at SJA, including yearly retreats, two annual mission trips to Jamaica and Belize, the peer ministry program, prayer club, service and fellowship clubs, music ministry, vocational discernment opportunities, and Eucharistic ministry. We are blessed to enjoy the services of over a dozen priests and sisters who are willing to help our students in their spiritual journeys.

Community service provides students with important opportunities for personal growth and helps them develop compassion and concern for others. Students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones, as that is where the greatest possibilities for growth lie. A worthwhile service project can have a deep and lasting impact on one’s own life and the lives of countless others. Each student must complete 25 hours of community service per school year while in attendance at St. Joseph Academy. Service done during the summer counts for the school year following the summer


Highlights from Mission Week