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Homework Strategies

The alarm rings at 6am, you arrive at school at 7:30, spend the next 6 or more hours going to all of your classes, finally, the last bell. Now, an Anchor Club meeting and Volleyball practice. It's 5:30 and you can go home. Your mom has dinner on the table and you are just wiped. You are tired. You had a long day. There is still more to do though! All of that homework. There must be a better way than going non stop for 14 hours a day. Let’s explore some homework strategies to make your days go a little smoother when you can.

Strategy number one: Eat Healthy! It is important to maintain your energy throughout the day, and this means a healthy balanced diet. You will never maintain your focus to get your homework done after a full day of school and activities if you are having sugar and caffeine crashes. Keep the meals balanced and you will notice a difference in your focus and energy levels.

Strategy number two: Create an inspiring and organized space to do your homework. Have you ever tried to sit down in a cluttered space to study and you get distracted. There is so much to look at. In fact, I think I'll clean my desk right now instead of continuing to type! Ok I’m back, that’s much better.

Strategy number three: Get rid of distractions. See what I just did there? I got rid of the distraction of my messy desk, my cell phone isn’t in the room, there is no TV, it’s just me and my computer. In your case, you and your chromebook and text book. Getting rid of distractions helps you focus and get your studying or work done much faster! Who doesn’t want to be done faster! If you are starting to get easily distracted, take a break, go for a walk and get some fresh air. You can come back to it refreshed and ready to refocus.

Strategy number four: Make it part of a routine. Set a homework time. Keep it consistent. Consistency makes for success.