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Extracurricular Activities

Why Should I Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Your college application starts now. You are a freshman in high school, and today is the first day of your college resume. What does that mean for you? Are you looking forward to college, have you started thinking about where you want to go? Sure, you may be 14 or 15, but it's time to start figuring it out because colleges care what you do in high school. They care about your volunteer service (good news, we require it), they care about your academic performance, but they also care about how well rounded of a person you are. Can you juggle college life, meet new people, interact with classmates and professors, and perform academically well while maintaining a social life? High school is where you learn how to do this! Develop these skills now while you don’t also have to cook yourself dinner.

You may be thinking, ok….how do I do that? Well, it’s all about balance. Being a well rounded individual person. Colleges want to know that you can be an asset to their university, not just a number who makes grades. Start by finding out what you are interested in. We have a wide range of clubs and sports at St. Joseph Academy. Do you enjoy sports? Well, we have a variety of sports throughout the year.

Fall: Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Swimming, Volleyball

Winter: Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer

Spring: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Track, Lacrosse

Ok, you may be thinking, that’s great and all, but I'm not into sports. Well we have a long list of other clubs that may interest you!

Anchor Club-Service
ASL Club-American Sign Language
ASL Honor Society
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Interact Club
International Club
Mu Alpha Theta
Music Ministry
National Art Honor Society
National Honor Society
Prayer Club
Quill and Scroll International Honor Society
Science Club
Science National Honor Society
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Spanish Club
Sports Broadcasting
Student Council
Students for the Poor
Veterans Heritage Project

So here’s the advice. Get out there, get active and participate in some activities. Build your college resume to show the admissions board you are the best version of yourself academically and socially.