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Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips for High School Students

It is August, and summer has come to an end. The buzzing excitement of back to school is in full swing. School supply shopping, uniform shopping, finding out what your new schedule is and comparing with your friends. All of the aspects of back to school can be so much fun.

Of course, there are always adjustments with back to school.  At St. Joseph Academy, we want our students to be highly successful individuals. We are here to help prepare them for life after high school. Teaching them these skills now will benefit them in their college and adult years!

Make sure your kids are academically prepared for the new school year. What does this mean? Make sure your child did their summer reading! Reading is an important part of keeping your brain sharp during time off. Here at St. Joseph Academy we have a list of books that are part of our summer reading program which you can see here. These classics, like The Great Gatsby and A Passage to India.

Establish a sleep routine before school starts. Teenagers can sleep in with the best of them! It is important for them to get back into a routine before school starts so they are not experiencing any negative effects from a sudden sleep change while trying to keep up with their classes.

Get your kids pumped for going back to school with shopping (if that is their thing)

Once the kids have a good idea of how their classes will be, map out a study schedule. Block time off on their calendar for homework and studying.

Teach them how to organize. This is dependent on the student but see how they organize best, invest in a great planner, calendar, or even a dry erase board. See what works for them to keep their classes and schedules organized.

Teach them to enjoy their high school experience. School is tough and mentally exhausting, but we want our kids to be here and to be excited to be here. If they are well prepared, they will enjoy high school and be successful.

Set up an appointment with the Guidance Counselor if some support is needed. Our guidance counselor is a wonderful resource to students and can help with many aspects of high school life.

Research school clubs and organizations and get involved. We have several different clubs, check them all out here!

We are so excited to be back on campus for the 2021-2022 school year. Let’s make it a great year! Go Flashes!