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Girls Lacrosse

Peter Wiles, Head Coach 

Boys Lacrosse

Robert Lenti, Head Coach

"The boys varsity lacrosse is looking forward to a successful season. We are establishing a tradition of sportsmanship and athleticism for this relatively new sport at St Joseph academy. For those of you who don't know Lacrosse is the most exciting fastest game on land. We encourage anyone to come out and learn the game even if you've never played a sport before."

-Coach Lenti

Lacrosse Game Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Nov 27
Mon, Nov 28
Tue, Nov 29
Wed, Nov 30
Thu, Dec 1
Fri, Dec 2
Sat, Dec 3
Sun, Dec 4
Mon, Dec 5
Tue, Dec 6
Wed, Dec 7
Thu, Dec 8
Fri, Dec 9
Sat, Dec 10
Sun, Dec 11
Mon, Dec 12
Tue, Dec 13
Wed, Dec 14
Thu, Dec 15
Fri, Dec 16
Sat, Dec 17
Sun, Dec 18
Mon, Dec 19
Tue, Dec 20
Wed, Dec 21
Thu, Dec 22
Fri, Dec 23
Sat, Dec 24
Sun, Dec 25
Mon, Dec 26
Tue, Dec 27
Wed, Dec 28
Thu, Dec 29
Fri, Dec 30
Sat, Dec 31