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12th Annual SJA Tuition Raffle

It is time for one of our most successful fundraisers at SJA.  The 12th Annual SJA Tuition Raffle.  This fundraiser is made possible because of the generosity of two wonderful St. Joseph Academy Alum.  Arthur Runk and his sister Mary Press donate the $10,000 for the tuition giveaway every year.  We are so grateful for their continued support of St. Joseph Academy,.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to enter to win $10k to the school of your choice and support St. Joseph Academy at the same time.  The winner does not have to use the proceeds for SJA tuition.  It can be the school or college of your choice and can even be used to pay off student loans.  Anyone 18 and over can enter to win.  

More information to come soon.

Go Flashes!!