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Tuition and Fees

 St. Joseph Academy, the oldest Catholic high school in the state of Florida, was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph's in  1866.  Our rich history helps provide an unmatched education.

 How can we serve your child and your family differently? Being a Catholic school, we aim to develop and educate the whole  child. Our focus is not only academics but the child that we are forming and who they will become.  We are able to to serve   as christian role models who serve the community, shows empathy towards others and possesses the qualities we want our students to possess.

At St. Joseph Academy, we are here to help you develop well rounded individuals who will grow up to serve their communities. We do this by providing services before and during school. We have opportunities for our students to deepen their faith, find support in fellow students as well as chaplains and teachers. We are here to strengthen the faith education you provide at home and to provide a safe environment for them to develop their faithfulness.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is based on a Catholic or Non Catholic Rate.   The amount can be set up on monthly payments, bi-annual payments, or an annual payment.  Tuition includes, scheduling, academic fees,  instructional materials and catastrophic student insurance.  It does not include PE Uniforms, field trips, fundraisers, parking permits, Saturday school fees, fines, AP Exam Fees, Fine Arts supply fees, or other book fees.

What is Everyone Saying About St. Joseph Academy?

What is your favorite thing about St. Joseph Academy?

-I love the community at St.Joseph's. I switched from Nease needing more one on one and an accepting group of people. I got exactly that. Everyone was very welcoming and helped me learn my way around the school. Not only are the students extremely inviting but the teachers truly care. I have multiple adults at SJA I know I could go to if I needed help or even advice.

-The teachers and their commitment to make the students successful I also like the way teachers involve the students to make the assignments more interesting.

-My favorite thing about the Academy is that all of the teachers are always helpful and genuinely care about the students. I like that you have more personal connections with teachers since we are a smaller school. Being a smaller community allows everyone to bond more and have a unique experience that you cannot find in a larger high school.

-There is a level of community throughout the school as well as the aspect of faith that makes this school so unique top other schools.

-How welcoming the school community is. As a new student myself, the students and faculty here at SJA made me feel so welcome as if I have been here since 9th grade.

-The opportunity to increase my faith with freedom to go to the chapel as needed, confessions, and discipleship after school on Thursdays.

-We are given many opportunities to better our community and create more self involvement.

-I love that we know are teachers, we are not just one of 1000 in a class.