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Students may drive to school once a driver's license has been obtained.   You must fill out the parking pass permit in order to drive to school. 

Parking PErmit



Parking Rules and Regulations:

  1.  Seniors may choose a designated spot in the front parking lot on a first come first serve basis or in the back student parking lot. 
  2.  A spot in the front parking lot is $125 for the year.
  3. A spot in the back parking lot is $75 for the year.
  4. Seniors may not paint a parking spot in the front parking lot in front of the administration and chapel, only spots in the back parking lot may be painted with approval of design by the Dean of Students.
  5. All other students with drivers licenses may park in the back parking lot only
  6. Students may not park on the grass or in any other spot that is not reserved and registered to that student.
  7.  Any violation of parking rules can result in a warning, fine and loss of campus parking privileges. 

Students who do not plan on driving to school may be dropped off by another party or ride the bus.  We have buses that pick up from the following areas: Ponte Vedra, Palm Coast, and Mandarin.  If you are interested in taking the bus, please find the attached bus route and fill out the bus transportation form.

 Palm Coast Bus Route

Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Bus Route

Bus Agreement Form