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HSPT Registration

Dear Parents,

St. Joseph Academy will offer the high school placement test for all incoming ninth grade students on Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 8AM.  This HSPT is a baseline standard test that assists our academic department in placing your student in the correct classes.   This test is combined with any other standardized testing the student has taken in addition to their eighth grade coursework and grades to place them in the appropriate classes. 

Please be assured this test is not given in order to determine your child’s admissions eligibility, it is only to assess certain skill and content knowledge in verbal, quantitative, reading, mathematics, language skills and science.  The exam is multiple choice, will last approximately 3 hours and students will not be allowed to use calculators.

The test will begin at 8AM and students may be picked up at 11AM

To register for the test please visit:

Student Website:

Your School’s Access Code: Y9

The placement test fee is $25 and results will be mailed to the parents when available. 

To learn more about the HSPT exam please visit:


Kristin Grover

Director of Admissions