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Chromebook FAQ's


Q: What is the purpose of the Chromebook?

A: The Chromebook allows teachers and students to take advantage of material that will adjust to each student’s specific needs. This type of custom instruction will help the students be more successful. Many additional resource materials for the students are now digital and online. These additional resources are now available to the students through the Chromebooks and helps them be more successful.


Q: What should I do if Chromebook does not connect to the wifi?

A: There are 2 options.

  1.  Click in the bottom right corner and select network. Select the correct wifi and it should connect.
  2. The other option is to shut the Chromebook down and start it back up.


Q: Can I print from Chromebook?

A: You can print from your Chromebook at home. Directions on how to set this up can be found on Google’s support site. You can also print from the Chromebook at school to the Media Center printer.


Q: How do I connect to the Internet when I am not at school?

A: In order to connect to the Internet when outside of school, you will need a WiFi connection and follow these directions. No type of Internet connection can be reached until these steps are followed.


  1. Connect to an available wireless network by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the chrome shelf.
  2. Select an available WiFi.
  3. Enter the password for that WiFi.
  4. After you connect to an available WiFi, access the chrome web browser.


Q: Can I work on my documents without an Internet connection

A: Yes. This link will show you what other capabilities the Chromebook has while offline.


Q: Can my child opt out of having a Chromebook?

A: No. Chromebooks are expected to become an integral part of the education all students receive at the St. Joseph Academy and we want them to take advantage of the powerful learning resources available with it.


Q: Are Chromebooks susceptible to viruses?

A: Chromebooks use the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection against viruses and malware, including data encryption and verified boot. There is no need for additional virus protection.


Q: What happens if my student’s Chromebook is not working? Will he be given a loaner to use for class?

A: If the Chromebook is not working, the student needs to contact the technology department staff member. Loaners are available on a first come first serve basis.


Q: Will there be charging stations at the school?

A: Charging stations are available at the school in the Media Center. Students must bring their own A/C Adapter. The Chromebook has a battery capacity of 10 hours when fully charged. Students will need to routinely charge their Chromebooks overnight prior to coming to school the next day.


Q: Will you be able to secure the internet connection when my student uses the Chromebook outside of school?

A: No. St Joseph Academy is unable to provide any filtering software when a student accesses internet connections outside of the school. Therefore, the students and their parents/guardians bear sole responsibility for exercising appropriate internet guidelines and for abiding by state and federal laws and regulations.