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Admissions Process

Apply to St. joseph academy

Hello, we are so excited you are here to learn about attending St. Joseph Academy.  We are a College Preparatory Catholic  High School located in St. Augustine, FL.   

If you are applying for your Freshman year.  A High School Placement Test (HSPT) is required.   We will host the HSPT day on January 21,  2023 for all incoming freshman to take the exam. 

Admissions process for students coming from a school outside of the Diocese of St. Augustine.

  1. Click here to create an account
  2. Fill out the application after creating account
  3. Attach required documents for application:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptism Certificate
    • Florida Immunization Records (form 680)
    • Florida School Entry Health Form (form DH3040)
    • Current Grades and schedule
    • Most recent Report Card
    • Letter of recommendation from current school teacher or administrator.
  4.  Once the application has been filled out the Director of Admissions, Kristin Grover, will contact you to set up an admissions interview.  Your application will then go to the admissions review committee for review and final decision.
  5. Once you have applied and received your answer from the admissions committee.  It is time to register for school.  We will mail you a registration packet or you can fill out the attached form.  Once registered, you will determine a start date with the admissions department.

Admissions Process for students coming from a Catholic grade school in the Diocese of St. Augustine.

1. Take the HSPT on our campus on January 
2.  Fill out registration paperwork we send out and submit required paperwork
3. We will visit our grade schools to conduct an admissions interview and course selection with the students

admissions process to St. Joseph Academy