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Graduation Requirements and Course Offerings

Plans for meeting graduation requirements should be developed by using the information contained within this guide and the guidance counselor as resources. It is the responsibility of each parent and student to be familiar with these requirements. It is the policy of the Diocese of St. Augustine that a student must successfully complete all courses attempted during his/her secondary program in order to graduate from a diocesan secondary school.

Four-Year Educational Plan for Graduating St. Joseph Academy Students:

All students need 28 credits to graduate and must pass all courses attempted.

Diocesan School Requirements: Total of 4.0 credits

4.0 Credits in Theology: Students must take theology each year they attend SJA

SJA Core Requirements: Total of 24.0 credits

  • 4.0 Credits in English: Courses must include a concentration in composition and literature
  • 4.0 Credits in Mathematics: Courses must include Geometry and Algebra II
  • 4.0 Credits in Science: Courses must include biology and chemistry.  Physics is highly recommended
  • 3.0 Credits in social studies: Courses must include American History, World History, Economics and American Government.
  • 2.0 Credits in the same foreign language
  • 1.0 Credit in performing arts
  • 1.0 Credit HOPE Health Opportunities Through Physical Education: (Life Management Skills/Personal Fitness)
  • 5 Additional credits


Graduation Requirements